Kitchens of any size are custom-made to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of finishes and materials to reflect your individual lifestyle and décor. We can work closely with your interior designer or architect or we can design the kitchen for you.

Home theatres

We have extensive experience in creating entertainment units that are specifically tailored for your audio and visual equipment and components. In particular, we understand the importance of ventilation, cable access and cable concealment. We also have strong working relationships with some of the leading professionals in the electrical and automation industry.


We create units of various sizes – ranging from a simple liquor cabinet/wine storage area to custom-made joinery for large entertainment areas or rumpus rooms.

Home living

We produce other specialty, custom-made joinery to suit everyday home living. Home living joinery includes any type of joinery that you perceive as decorative, useful or that simply ensures ease of living. Some examples include bedhead structures, coffee tables, floating shelves, desk units with filing cabinets and shelving and fabric panelling on empty wall spaces (such as hallways).


Joinery need not be limited to your interior. We create outdoor bbq and entertainment areas and recommend finishes for such joinery that are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.


Bathroom joinery is custom-made to suit your space and style requirements. Typically, bathroom joinery will consist of a vanity and shaving cabinet, however there are many other types of joinery that can be created for additional storage purposes or that are decorative features.


Bedroom joinery ranges from simple units (such as built-in wardrobes or side tables) to the more elaborate style walk-in-robes with specialty compartments and mechanisms.